Pixel led Beginner to Advanced full Course

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic electronics
  • Types of led
  • Diffrent Types of pixel led controller( T1000S, T4000, T8000, K1000ck, K8000ck, .......)
  • How to programme different types of controller 
  • PIxel led software (led edit 2014, led edit 2019 ....)
  • how to make pixel led animation with the help of different types of software (led easy, led build, Neon Play, MR, Jinix,  .....)
  • how to make a 3D gate programme
  • How to make a dance floor program
  • how to make a manual layout programme
  • how to programme different types of ic 
  • how to make own pixel led controller 
  • how to make Dmx type Indian controller
  •  many more ......

Topics for this course

22 Lessons

Basic Electronics?

at first, you have basic knowledge of electronics like how electronics components works, different type of electronics components have different function how they work if your fundamental clear then you troubleshoot any problems
Basic electronics00:00:00
how to connects 2 smps00:10:7
important common questions00:09:28

Pixel led software for SD card type controller?

In this topice we learn how to use led edit 2014 sofware for making sd card programme for diffrent types of controller (T1000S , T4000 , T8000AC , T8000TTl )

How to make pixel led beautiful effects?

In this topic, we learn how we make beautiful pixel effects with the help of different types of software

Pixel led 3D gate animation?

In this series, we learn how we make pixel led 3D gate effects with the help of different software

Pixel led Dance floor?

In this series we learn how we make programme and wiring layout for dance floor

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